Every Day At The Same Exact Time, This Stray Cat Meets The Train’s Conductor For A Treat

Meet Felix, a friendly stray cat in Staraya, Russia.

In this photo, the conductor of the Pskov-Moscow train can be seen feeding Felix during a short stop in Staraya.

According to the conductor, Felix has been coming every day to the tail of the train at 22:40 for several years. All of the conductors know Felix and prepare his sausage in advance.

Someone even wrote a poem about it.

The Pspspskov-Moscow Train

The engine’s coming down the track,

Some hear it go choo-choo,

But this one’s bringing me my snack,

It’s what it’s trained to do.

So as it slows, I hear the hiss,

And I know that’s my chance,

The human has for me “pssspss!”,

The sausage in advance.

I wait each day, same time and place,

The sausage such a treat!

And when the human sees my face,

They know I’m there to eat.

The train don’t even need to stop,

The magic still occurring,

And when I get my sausage drop,

Our motors both are purring.