Amsterdam Neighborhood Surprises Overworked Postman With €4,000 Gift

A hardworking postman in Amsterdam received an unexpected Christmas gift from his community: €4,197.

Nurullah Pamuk, 44, has been working extra long hours over the past month to ensure that local families would get all their Christmas gifts on time. People are ordering record numbers of packages online, due to coronavirus-related restrictions on visiting stores in person.

So, his neighborhood rounded up some extra Christmas cash for their beloved postman.

Pamuk was surprised in a courtyard of one of the housing complexes with applause from the balconies. A resident then handed him an oversized check, along with a Christmas package containing chocolate and cookies.

More than 400 local families donated a total of 4,197 euros.

“I’m still shocked,” Pamuk told the local newspaper. “I had no idea what was coming. I’ve never received a gift like this in my whole life.”